As a seasoned real-estate agent, I see older adults struggle with the decision to move. And rightly so – it’s a big deal! When the decision is made to downsize, the overwhelming question is often where do I go and what do I do with my cherished belongings (and the other “stuff” that’s in the basement). If it doesn’t go with me, what do the kids/family/friends want, what should I try to sell (estate sale?) and what should I donate? Have no fear, Ted is here – to ease you through the process and introduce you to proven professionals who can assist.

Whether you decide to modify your home to be even more comfortable/livable or downsize to something smaller (sometimes less is more), I’ll be there for you – well beyond your move -assuring that you have someone to turn to ensure that you have support when you need it.
When discussing the possibility of downsizing, the most common topics are needs, location, lifestyle, budget (and so much more). Simply talking about these particulars makes them easier to handle, and your goals can become clearer. I realize that one solution doesn’t fit all, which is why customized options are provided for you.

I feel compelled/called to help enhance your quality of life – while not being intrusive in any way. I enjoy the company of “experienced” adults. Knowing that I can make a positive difference in your quality of live is invigorating! Stay in your home as long as you please – I’ll help you do that. If you crave being around others and think that going to an independent living community best suits you, I’ll help you with that too. If the day to day becomes to strenuous and you need some assistance with what used to come so easily, I can help you find companion care in your home or introduce you to professionals who can help you find the right assisted living for you (a free service).

I believe that your golden years should be just that – golden! Allow me the privilege to help you do that.