May 9, 2017

Seller Beware- “As Is” Means Less Coin !

This morning, I met a woman who’s mother was offered a whopping $40,000 for a property that is likely worth 4-5 times that amount. The letter she received said “final notice” and created the illusion that the house she owned free and clear was in danger of foreclosing. Targeting long time residents in certain neighborhoods is all too common. Thanks to the fact that there is clear communication with mother and daughter, this bad deal was avoided. This licensed real estate professional takes pride in helping home owners decide which is the best home selling solution for them. When selling “as-is” makes sense, I invite a handful of investors to see the property (“a cattle call”). With me brokering the deal, investors tend not to play games and a fair price is paid. I have a track record of netting my client’s more money, compared to what they were able to get on their own. When the money matters, turn to your trusted real estate agent. Don’t fall prey to the promise of CASH, No Inspections and Quick Closings. For more on the three (3) ways to sell a house, click here.