May 9, 2017

Free Yourself from Junk !

Whether you’re just moving to a new home, downsizing your home, or just need to get rid of clutter, it’s always difficult to throw away items that you’ve had for years. “What if I need it again?” Is often the thought that pops up when deciding what to rid of. Getting rid of clutter not only makes your home cleaner, but it actually has a healing effect. Getting rid of these things that have been sitting around frees some worries from your mind and takes a weight off your shoulders. It’s a freeing experience and I’ve talked to many people who feel better after doing so. It’s not easy at first, but you have to remind yourself that these are just things.

It helps to think about those not as fortunate as us. What do they live with? They certainly don’t have any unnecessary items to fill space. Let’s go back to the basics which are food, shelter, and water. Realistically you aren’t expected to live with only basic needs, but it’s a good reminder of how some actually do live and how fortunate many of us are. However, just thinking about that makes it easier to let go of stuff. Knowing that without that stuff you’ll still make it through. And that should make you happy again.

Getting started is the hardest part. Here are some ideas of what to dispose of, and what to do with it:

Old Clothes. It’s said that if you haven’t worn something for over a year, there’s a high probability that you won’t wear it again. As style, quality, and needs change, so does a wardrobe.

Duplicate Items. Sometimes shopping trips end up in having more than one of something that you don’t truly need. Maybe you have two coffee pots: one is in use, and the other is taking up space in your basement. Letting go of coffee pot number two won’t affect you at all.

Outdated Items. If you have items that are of no use anymore because of a technology change, or a change in your living situation, get rid of it. For instance, a VHS tape is of no use anymore since VHS players have been discontinued.

Give to family/friends. Your family and friends would be happy to receive items with meaning. If something has been passed on from generation to generation, why not keep it that way?

Give to charity. There’s always someone else who is in great need. Clothes and other household necessities are fantastic choices to give away. It will be nice knowing that someone else is being taken care of because of something you gave.

Sell. Having a good old fashioned garage sale can do the trick. But there are also many methods to explore selling used goods online.

Knowing that your possessions will still live on by going to other people through charity or sales helps console many who are struggling to let go.

If after reading this you still feel unsure about how to get rid of your stuff, or what to get rid of, give me a call at 314-956-9477. I’m here for the whole process because it’s better to stick together through life moments such as this.