January 19, 2016

Family Values and My “Why”

I have always believed that family values go a long way, and in my family I was raised with the principle that every person deserves respect no matter how young or how old. All my life I’ve strived to be an advocate for those who have earned it. I have always clicked with mature adults because they share those same values.

I became closest with my paternal grandfather the last few years of his life. We ended up sharing a natural bond that I carry with me every day. Missing that companionship, I later on “adopted” another grandfather. We spent so much time together, my kids looked up to him as their own grandfather as well. We did everything together from eating to shopping, and just spending quality time in tandem. As the only agent he loved and trusted, I ended up helping him move from a 3-floor walk up to assisted living, then hospice. For me none of this was work, but what made my life and my career complete.

This was the beginning of how I decided what to do with my real-estate experience. Too many are faced with obstacles and seemingly no voice of reason or network of resources to turn to. It’s my mission to eliminate fears of taking big steps and streamlining the process. I don’t just see myself as a real estate agent, but an advocate for those making big moves and tough decisions.